These ratings will assist you in choosing the right adventure for your abilities or experience. Each successive level of difficulty incorporates conditions outlined in the previous grade(s).

Easy/Moderate May involve travel over unpaved roads and visits to remote regions where medical facilities may not be available. Easy outdoor activities such as nature hikes of 1-4 hours duration or motorized boat or canoe excursions are optional. Operating at low altitudes (generally below 11,000') and in temperate climates,these itineraries are suitable for most healthy travellers of all ages (some programs may have minimum age requirements).Support and transport are by conventional road vehicles.

Moderate May include extensive overland travel on rough dirt roads, boat or motorized canoe excursions, moderate day hikes, river rafting (class II-III rapids) or other outdoor pursuits of 3-6 hours duration, and/or 1-3 nights camping. Some may operate in warmer climates and at
higher elevations.  Elevations up to 13,000' may be reached. Average fitness is required.  Easy to Moderate itineraries should suit travellers used to some regular exercise (golf,tennis,jogging,etc.). Local transport may include “off-road ” options such as scenic flights or safari drives,as well as activities such as boating or rafting mild rapids.

Moderate/Strenuous Indicates an activity-oriented program involving up to 6 nights camping. Treks will average 6-8 miles per day over diverse terrain; rafting will be through class III-IV rapids; mt. biking will average 20-30 miles per day. Altitudes near 13,000' are common while elevations as high as 15,000' may be reached. Good fitness is required.   Moderate programs require a reasonable level of fitness and a willingness to walk four to five hours daily,sometimes over steeper ascents and rough ground.  Hot climates and high altitudes can also be a feature of these trips.Transport may be unconventional, ranging from sea kayaking and calm-water canoeing to horseback riding and whitewater rafting.Some activities are optional,allowing guests to adjust their level of participation. Support vehicles may not always be available.

Strenuous Signifies a challenging adventure with extensive outdoor activity including up to 14 nights camping. Treks will average up to 10 miles per day; whitewater rafting can be through class IV-V rapids; mt. biking will average 30-40 miles per day. Be prepared for some extended
days of trekking,often at higher altitudes or in hotter equatorial conditions.Altitudes up to 15,000' are frequent in trekking programs with ascents to 20,000' possible. Requires very good fitness, stamina and some prior experience.  Moderate toChallenging tours will be comfortable for travellers who take regular exercise and can undertake walks lasting up to six
hours per day.Terrain maybe rough (i.e.rubble mountain paths)and activities may be compulsory.Whitewater rafting (when included) will be more exciting,with rapids in Class III (full of waves that wash over the raft),IV (fast-paced,soaking “rock-and-roll ” water))and V (soaking torrents that crown high over your head,with lots of rocking).Excursions on horseback require some prior riding experience.Support vehicles are rare in this classification.

Very Strenuous A demanding, technical program that includes extensive outdoor activity. Requires excellent fitness and endurance plus previous experience and a degree of skill in the activity.  Challenging trips are our most demanding (and potentially rewarding) programs. Travellers must be in good physical condition and used to regular strenuous exercise.There is rarely any backup or vehicle support,as these programs typically cover remote,rugged terrain,often over high passes.  (However,no technical climbing experience
is required.)  There may be substantial gains and losses in altitude,and some long,tiring days. Examples of a tour rated as ‘Challenging ’is The Snows of Kilimanjaro programs.



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