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We dreamed a dream to live in a beautiful secluded place where flowers, trees and birds are a part of everyday; on the ocean where swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are at our front yard; where dusk brings the ever-changing sunsets and night the splash of the Milky Way.  After years of enjoyable travel and research in the Caribbean, we found a forgotten, neglected overgrown valley that was inaccessible by land.  No utilities, no road, no telephone. There was past habitation as evidenced by a Carib oven carved in a rock face. Also, sugar was processed here and most likely grown, as ruins of a processing plant are on the north end of the beach. We also found the old copper pot which was used in the plant. This beautiful valley on the bay realized our dream of seclusion, beauty and nature.  The purchase was made!

We've been careful with this small part of the world. There are more birds, fish, healthier coral and sponges than when we arrived. The birds came in greater numbers, thousands of flowers began to bloom and the coral grew healthier when we started controlling the fresh water and organic run off.  Today, Petit Byahaut is a place of natural beauty.

Petit Byahaut blends technology with nature in a friendly and non-intrusive way. There are 11 reservoirs we've built that store the fresh water from the rain showers and from the artesian well on the property.  Electricity is provided by solar power and used for lightning, refrigeration and water pressure.

If you enjoy being a part of nature...if you enjoy a walk through acres of flowers to get to the privacy of your own place...if you enjoy seclusion where events might include an Antillean Crested Hummingbird sipping the nectar of a hibiscus or a school of Blue Tangs swimming lazily through iridescent yellow sponges or a tropical evening where you sit on the dock and witness a shooting star; you'll enjoy what we enjoy. 

You'll love it here! Please come.

Charles & Sharon



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