What do we mean by Ecotourism?

Our definition of ecotourism encompasses resorts, organizations, and activities that preserve or enhance the natural habitat they occupy or promote.

There is an understanding that the habitat may alter slightly to accommodate human beings, but not at the expense of the native flora and fauna.

We approve of restoring indigenous plants. We approve of the type of touring that involves observation and conservation.

We choose not to include multiple-room structures or resorts and activites that accommodate over 100 people.

We do not include here militant or political organizations. We promote quiet places, small-group activities, restfulness, resourcefulness, and beautiful, natural surroundings.

Ecotourism has been closely associated with the rainforests. We hope to expand this association by including other regions and activities we find where dedication to the environment is paramount.

For further information on ecotourism you may want to visit the following:

  • Reef Ball Coalition On your next vacation why not build a reef to leave for future generations or even your next vacation?
  • World Parrot Trust, the charity funding projects and promoting excellence in parrot conservation and welfare.




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